Monday, September 1, 2008

A Sewage Masterpiece

Fantastic weather, wonderful company, good hard honest work and indooooor plumbing. What more can a girl ask for? I got up there late friday night, Django and I took an alternate route to cabin due to traffic so there wasnt enough time to do anything but eat and drink and get some shut eye but saturday the great indoor plumbing challenge began! The end result is pictured on the left.

Remember, we dont have running water as of now because the well is something like 800 feet and we dont have enough solar power to run a pump. So for now we will fill the tank manually as shown in the next photo.
The good thing in all this, of course, is no longer having to do the walk of shame and endure the heat, cold and rain on our heads, nor do we have to walk back up the mountain to get to the house. The 4am potty run's and the coyote are now a thing of the past. You can imagine how excited we all are.

Tarynn sanded the wainscoting and I painted all of the wood while dave plumbed the entire kit and kaboodle. He does not have a plumbers license, nor has he ever plumbed before but he does have a best friend with one to whom we have been sending photographic evidence and getting advice from. He did a fabulous job and it looks and works wonderfully!

It has been a long 3 years my friends and things just got considerably better!


Jen D said...

Looks Great - you must be thrilled...... Makes me dream of one day doing what you are doing!!

Shellmo said...

This will definitely improve the "quality of toileting life" at the cabin! Congrats!

April said...

did you consider a composting toilet (a sawdust toilet)?

Lisa said...

Thanks everyone.
April, we did consider it but the septic system was in place already when we bought the land, we use rainwater to flush.