Monday, August 4, 2008

Turkey Epidemic

We had a great weekend full of progress and cheer. We are really coming along on the railing. I say we, but i haven't done a single thing other than help carry 10 foot hemlock beams up the side of a mountain. I have pictures of the progress but my brain has left me and I apparently have forgotten to upload them and I am not near my camera so you will have to wait until I am. My apologies.

I did however hang some curtains over the plastic/insulation walls, Keep in mind that it took me 2 years to pick out curtains for our "every day" house. I think for me it was a necessity this time in order to make the place feel more like a house and not a work in progress.
Lets stray a bit from the issue at hand since i forgot to upload the correct picture, lets talk about something I have been noticing and maybe you folks will be able to offer a confirmation or rebuttal of this new observation.
So has anyone else noticed the turkeys? I mean everywhere, turkeys. I saw at least 50 on just one drive down our country road. Heck, I see them at our every day house just standing on the side of the highway looking, judging, maybe even sizing me up. I have been going to S-wood now for 3 years, never saw so many flipping turkeys let alone on one day! So keep your eyes out and let me know what you observe. Maybe someday you will hear on the news that we have a turkey epidemic and you will not think me as nuts as you do right now ;)

So please expect the real update post later. :)


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