Friday, February 8, 2013

Well we have entered week #3 of the Glade Expressions buzz trial and I have to say that I really (really really) dig the pineapple and mangosteen diffuser! the Expressions Fuji Apple & Cardamon spice spray is nice too. I like them both because I am not a fan of perfume or flowery smells and these two really add a very pleasant scent to the room. The diffuser is set right now in my son's bathroom downstairs, he is 17 so it has a big job to do, and so far i can smell it all the way up the stairs. Also having a big job is the spray and although it does nicely I wish the fragrance lasted a little longer. So far it holds up to the other brand sprays as far as I can see, just sort of hoped it would last longer. Perhaps if I used the same scent it would really rock it!! hmmmm lets try that!! More later!!

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