Friday, February 8, 2013

Well we have entered week #3 of the Glade Expressions buzz trial and I have to say that I really (really really) dig the pineapple and mangosteen diffuser! the Expressions Fuji Apple & Cardamon spice spray is nice too. I like them both because I am not a fan of perfume or flowery smells and these two really add a very pleasant scent to the room. The diffuser is set right now in my son's bathroom downstairs, he is 17 so it has a big job to do, and so far i can smell it all the way up the stairs. Also having a big job is the spray and although it does nicely I wish the fragrance lasted a little longer. So far it holds up to the other brand sprays as far as I can see, just sort of hoped it would last longer. Perhaps if I used the same scent it would really rock it!! hmmmm lets try that!! More later!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

As you know, I am a buzz agent and I get to try new products for free. I am really excited about trying the Glade Expressions product because as you know, I have 3 very smelly great danes.

It is day 3, and I have to say the oil diffuser is doing a good job downstairs keeping the stink down to a minimum. The Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice fragrance is light but enough to put a pleasant and long lasting for a spray kind of smell. It is not overly perfumy which is a huge problem for me. I get headaches and really can't handle too much perfume.

I will keep you posted on the diffusers, i have 2 located strategically (they are really pretty so not hard to hide right out in plain site) and so far they are strong enough to keep it smelling pleasant in the house. I have noticed over time that most brands fragrance will fade. Day3, it is still very strong. I will let you know in a week how that is for us!